Quotes From Our Colleagues And Peers

Postdocs And Grad Students

Dr. Coni Stacher Hörndli PhD
Former Gregg Lab Postdoc, 2016

“Chris is genuinely committed to the success of every single member of his lab. He fought hard to get my paper published in a top journal by working closely with me.”

“Chris helped me find training opportunities that aligned with my interests and goals even if they did not directly advance my research project. Chris supported me to attend a leading graphic design conference, which strongly influenced my decision to focus my career on data visualization and illustration.”

“Chris is the most enthusiastic mentor I ever worked with. His positive and supportive attitude helped me to venture out into unknown research directions and eventually succeeding in areas I had never imagined even trying at first.”

“Chris is perpetually on the search for the most innovative and impactful science. He will never shy back from acquiring new techniques or find professional help externally to advance a research project or publication to its absolute best.”

Dr. Paul Bonthuis PhD
Former Gregg Lab Postdoc, 2019

“Chris has high expectations and pushed me to take on transformative and very difficult projects, but provided me with continuous encouragement, technical support and helped me get my K99 and whatever else I needed to succeed!”

“Having finished me Gregg lab postdoc, I am now starting my own lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with an R00, a competitive start up package and multiple high impact papers on the way! So Exciting!”

Dr. Wei-Chao Huang PhD
Former Gregg Lab Graduate Student / Postdoc, 2019

“I strongly recommend the Gregg lab for graduate student or postdoc training!! Chris created a positive lab culture with open communication and trust, which allowed me to focus on science and not to be distracted and discouraged by lab politics.”

“My training in the Gregg lab was so exciting!! Chris helped me to pursue my own ideas, and I got the chance to lead some major discoveries. It was so fun, and I learned so much!!!”

“I love the collaborative culture in the Gregg lab so much! Lab members helped each other and solved the challenges together. I can’t forget that the whole lab (Yes, entire lab!) worked as an assembly line several times to do dissection on a large number of mice!”

“Chris understands career issues of young researchers and is in tune with the career trends for the future. He encouraged lab members exploring different career paths. In addition to research, Chris provided opportunities to the lab members to foster the abilities (presentation, grant writing, mentoring…) to pursue their career goal.”

Ms. Susan Steinwand – Gregg lab Manager

“Our lab focuses on a culture of adventure and making transformative, ground-breaking discoveries and developments – I really enjoy it!”

“Working in the Gregg Lab is an ever-evolving scientific adventure where we focus on ground-breaking research and excitement for life.”


Dr. Hopi Hoekstra PhD
Harvard, HHMI

“Looking forward to reading this [new paper from the Gregg lab]!” – Coni’s Paper

Dr. Tom Kash PhD
John R. Andrews Distinguished Professor, UNC, GRC Chair

“Neat! I need to see if we can try this. Excited for reasons!”

Dr. Sandy Anderson PhD
Chair of the Integrated Mathematical Oncology Department, President of Math Biology Society, Moffitt Cancer Center Senior Member

“Dr. Chris Gregg gives us his perspective on how to monitor tumor burden for adaptive treatment decisions through an unusual approach using behavioural sequence modules!”

Dr. Cori Bargman PhD
Rockefeller, Torsten N. Wiesel Professor, Kavli Prize Winner, former head of the NIH Brain Initiative, president of Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative

“Cool stuff, and with a lucid explanation that gave me an intuition for how it worked. Congrats! You might up getting a request for advice from my student :)”

Dr. Andrew Feinberg MD, MPH
Director, Center for Epigenetics, Johns Hopkins Medical School; Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Medicine

“This is fantastic! I love evolution papers and this is a great one.”

Dr. Moriel Zelikowsky PhD
Assistant Professor University of Utah, Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy

“Amazing work (as usual) from the Gregg Lab.”

Dr. Thibault Mesplède PhD
Assistant Professor McGill University

“This is an amazing study with many many implications!”

Jason Shepherd PhD
Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Endowed Chair, Associate Professor University of Utah, Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy

“Chris has been inspiring for me since I got here!”

Jason Shepherd PhD
Jon M. Huntsman Presidential Endowed Chair, Associate Professor University of Utah, Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy

“Chris has been inspiring for me since I got here!”

Paper Reviewer Comments

Anonymous Journal Reviewer

“I find the thrust of the paper convincing. Moreover, I find it exciting, as it has changed my conceptual model of how heterozygous alleles are expressed in the brain.”

Anonymous Journal Reviewer

“The question [the Gregg lab is asking] is a very interesting one, the methods appropriate, and the results interesting!”

Anonymous Journal Reviewer

“The work is cool and of interest, and a good fit for the broad audience of Cell Reports!”

Anonymous Journal Reviewer

“The presented analysis is rigorous and conclusions are sound.”

Anonymous Journal Reviewer

“This is a thought provoking study by the Gregg group… I am excited by the implications.”