Translation In The Gregg Lab

Towards real world applications of basic discoveries…

The Gregg lab generates innovative technologies and discoveries in gene expression, gene regulation and phenotyping. Our unique research programs focus on understanding gene regulation at the allele and cellular level, and discovering putative “master” regulatory elements for shaping different clinical phenotypes. Based on this work, we are developing new approaches for highly personalized, precision medicine and “epigenetic” therapies. Students, postdocs and professional scientists in the lab are engaged in developing platform technologies and start up companies to translate these discoveries to the real world. This is a very exciting process!

The University of Utah is one of the leading institutes for technology commercialization and start ups in the country ( The Gregg lab works with the Lassonde Business center ( and the Center for Medical Innovation ( to build start ups and translate discoveries.

This makes Utah an exciting and natural place for innovation. Graduate students, postdocs and professional scientists can easily engage in technology commercialization!!

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