Innovator of the Year 2012 – Sridhar Vukkadapu


The 2012 Gregg Lab Innovator of the Year is Sridhar Vukkadapu.  Sridhar is completing his Master’s Degree in computer science and has worked in the lab for one year. 

He has developed a software pipeline for the analysis of allele-specific gene expression using high-throughput sequencing.  The pipeline, called PARENT SEQ’R, is a full suite of code written in C++, Python, Perl and Processing that manages the alignment, processing, analysis and visualization of RNA-Seq data to study allele-specific gene expression.  It is a tour de forceachievement that opens up new ways of studying gene expression data and has revealed many new discoveries in the lab.  We look forward to making the pipeline and data visualization software publicly available in the future following publication!!

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